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mercredi 24 juin 2009

Germany : "Global Halal Conference" at the world's most important food and beverage trade fair Anuga -TENDANCES HALAL

United Kingdom : source www.internationalsupermarketnews.com/

Interview with International Supermarket News on Anuga 2009
Peter Grothues, Vice President Food of Koelnmesse GmbH

.....How do you convert the success or failure of specific trends at your annual festivals into policy or strategy for the future?

The success of this platform encouraged us to established Anuga Organic – one of the 10 Food Fairs at Anuga. The same is true about the WellFood-sector which mirrors Health & Functional Food – a winning section within the food business – which got its own discussion platform at Anuga since 2005. This will also be the case with the Halal topic in the future.

....The demand of Halal food is growing. Why do you think this is?
There are approximately 1.4 billion Muslims in the world, making "halal" food and beverages
one of the food industry’s most dynamically growing product groups, a trend that also can be
served by European suppliers, of course. Due to the fact that especially Muslim communities
are growing in numbers, a further growth of the demand for Halal Food is one of the fastest
and effective growing food sectors in the world and will remain so for many years.
With the first "Global Halal Conference" at Anuga featuring the participation of experts from
all over the world, we want to emphasize and highlight this aspect. Read more ISN talks to Anuga V.P of Food, Peter Grothues

Trade show Cologne, 10th to 14th October 2009 -GERMANY
WEBSITE : http://www.anuga.com/

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