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dimanche 3 mai 2009


ANGLETERRE : source site www.kfc.co.uk/
Lu sur le site internet KFC UK le 02MAI 2009

KFC Halal Our Halal Trial
At KFC we listen to our customers - and the views of our customers help us to evolve the menu and choices we offer. For some time we have had requests to provide a halal offer in parts of the UK. As a result of this, we are running a halal trial a small number of stores in the London area.
The stores taking part in the trial are:
Lea Bridge Road - E10 7DN
Beckton - E6 4LG
Edmonton - N18 2XA
Hounslow West - TW4 7DJ
Upton Park - E13 0AR
Forest Gate - E7 8BA
Bethnal Green - E2 0AH
Tottenham Hale - N17 9FR
We have worked with the Halal Food Authority to understand the requirements involved in supplying and producing halal approved products. We are delighted that the HFA have certified KFC's products in these stores, and the store environments, as halal.
Another key consideration for us was that we were able to ensure that the halal certified chicken would also meet the rigorous animal welfare standards we employ in the UK, and we consulted leading animal welfare groups about this. We are pleased to say that there will be no compromise to our welfare standards. KFC only buys high quality, Grade A, farm-assured chicken from trustworthy suppliers, and this will not change.
You will find that our food is just as tasty and finger lickin' good as it has always been!

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why have you decided to trial halal in these stores?
Feedback from consumers has indicated that there is significant demand for a halal offer from KFC. After conducting further research, we have decided to carry out a trial in a small number of stores in London.

2. How long will the trial last?
The trial is likely to last for a number of months. We will evaluate both customer feedback and the commercial success of the trial to establish whether it is something we will continue with.

3. What does this mean for my store? What will change?
There will be no change to the great taste of our products. 'Halal' is an Arabic word which simply means 'permitted' or 'allowed'. For our chicken to be halal accredited, a blessing is read by an appropriate person at the point of slaughter - nothing else changes. However, because pork products are not halal, bacon will not be served in our halal trial stores.

4. How will I know which restaurants are halal and which are not?
See the list of participating stores provided above. Our halal restaurants will also feature the HFA (Halal Food Authority) logo on the door.

5. Why have you chosen my store?
We have chosen a small number of stores in London that are located within areas which we anticipate will have a high demand for a halal offer from KFC. However we are committed to offering our customers choice and there is a non-trial restaurant in close proximity. The restaurant manager will be able to provide you with the address details should you want them.

6. Who will supply your halal chicken for this trial?
We will be using existing suppliers to supply our halal approved chicken. We will continue to purchase only high quality, A-Grade, farm assured chicken from the same leading suppliers used by Britain's major retailers. All of our suppliers, whether halal or otherwise, are contractually required to meet or exceed all UK and EU legislation on welfare.
If you have further questions, please call our Customer Careline on 08457 532 532.
About KFC in the UK, Introduced to Britain in 1965, with the first store opened in Preston - KFC.co.uk

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