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mardi 27 octobre 2009

Halal Meat : Halal certification and Brazilian beef export to muslim country

Brésil :

Halal certification grows in Brazilian industry
Over 300 Brazilian companies have already received halal certification,
guaranteeing that their products may be consumed in the Muslim countries.

...This enormous market has attracted the interest of Brazilian
producers of food for over 30 years. According to Ali Saifi, the vice president
of the Centre for Promotion of Islam to Latin America (CDIAL),
one of the institutions that certifies slaughterhouses for halal slaughter
of beef and poultry, some 90% of Brazilian companies are currently
getting ready to receive halal certification.

"I believe that it is just a matter of time for there to be no company
that does not perform halal slaughter," said Saifi.According to figures
supplied by the Brazilian Beef Industry and Exporters Association,
in 2008, Brazil exported 290,994 tonnes of raw beef and 14,138 tonnes
of processed beef to 16 Islamic countries, Arab and non-Arab.In 1980,
when CDIAL started issuing certification, just three companies accepted
to meet with the organisation.

The first was Sadia. Today, the centre has already guaranteed
sales by 100 companies by granting them halal certification.
According to the Federation of Muslim Associations of Brazil ...

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