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mercredi 1 septembre 2010

FINANCE ISLAMIQUE : 2nd Annual Islamic Finance Paris Market Meeting 28 September 2010

France : 
2nd Annual Islamic Finance Paris Market Meeting

Date: 28 September 2010            Venue: Le Hotel Bristol, Paris, France

Following on from last year’s success, Euromoney Seminars’ 2nd Annual Islamic Finance Paris Summit offers the market an ideal opportunity to meet to examine the most pressing issues facing the industry in France, Europe and beyond. Join your peers in Paris, in September, to hear from senior Shariah scholars, investment and retail bankers, corporate borrowers, takaful providers, asset managers and institutional investors as they discuss the opportunities in Islamic finance in France as well as the hurdles to continued development of the French capital as a competitive hub for Islamic finance.

Islamic finance worldwide continues to offer a competitive and viable alternative to traditional forms of banking and finance. Considered ethical and socially responsible by investors and borrowers alike, the appeal of Islamic finance has, over the last decade, broadened beyond the traditional geographic confines of the Gulf and SE Asia. In France, Paris is poised to become Europe’s financial hub for Islamic finance, thanks to progressive amendments to legislation and regulation.
Featuring Euromoney’s renowned:

Open fatwa and Shariah audience discussion

In addition, at this year’s Islamic Finance Paris Summit, key issues to be discussed include:

•Evaluating the viability of Islamic Finance worldwide and in Europe

•A regulatory review: Paris, and France, as an Islamic financial hub for Europe

•Evaluating the viability of French corporate sukuk issuance in light of recent regulatory change

•Institutionalisation of Islamic banking and finance in Paris

•Analysing how the recent TaHawwut (hedging) agreements influence business in France

•For SMEs in France, how does Islamic finance compete with other forms of finance?

•Can Islamic finance complement the conventional in French infrastructure and project finance?

•Structured finance: Balancing innovation with permissibility

•Unbundling Shariah compliance in the event of a default: How lessons from recent refinancings and restructurings in other markets can help in the development of France’s nascent Islamic finance industry

•Investment solutions and returns: Channelling French assets into Islamic funds and products

•Risk management in Islamic finance: Mitigating risks associated with Islamic Finance (asset liability, Shariah risk, liquidity risk)

•Maximising business opportunities from the growing appetite for retail banking and takaful products

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