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samedi 20 novembre 2010

- REPORT HALAL MEAT : Eblex publish the first authoritative study of the halal red meat industry in England

United Kingdom :

Halal market : the key issues of religious slaughter and the attitudes of Muslim consumers

The report, entitled ‘The halal meat market: Specialist supply chain structures
and consumer purchase and consumption profiles in England’, will give an overview
of the halal market and provide an insight into Muslim consumers’ attitudes to halal meat,
using qualitative and quantitative research supported by extensive desk research.

While the Muslim community in the UK represents only 3% of the population,
they consume 20% of all the lamb sold in England, together with an increasing amount
of beef, it is estimated, in a sector that is said to be a multi-million pound contributor
to the British economy.

The report is described as breaking new ground in presenting a detailed demographic
breakdown of Muslim consumers of red meat and examining their purchasing and
consumption behaviour, including an overview of the most popular cuts and preferences.
In particular, it explores the key issues of religious slaughter and the attitudes
of Muslim consumers.

The research was commissioned by the Halal Steering Group under the auspices
of the Eblex sector board....
The steering group is currently consulting with the industry on the findings
of the research. To request a hard copy of the report, email admin@eblex.org.uk.

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