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mardi 28 juin 2011

- HALAL CERTIFICATION : Intertek responds to the Halal demand

India :
Intertek expand halal certification of food products in India
Intertek India Pvt Ltd, the fully owned subsidiary of Intertek Inc,
already has certification and testing capabilities in India for various
sectors including the food sector, according to Rajesh Saigal, country
manager for Intertek India.

“The market share of Halal products in India is nominal at present,
but it is going to grow very fast because of its strict norms of hygiene
and safety aspects that will be attractive to more informed Indians,” he said

...According to Saigal, Intertek is the first food services provider
accepted by the International Halal Integrity Alliance, a global Halal
authority, as a company authorised to offer Halal certification services.

“Since Halal certification is a combination of Shariah law and food safety,
Intertek will be the technical partner and take care of all the food safety
standards, while the religious requirements will be audited by our partners
Halal India as per Shariah laws,” he added.

Accordingly, the Halal certificate will not be issued by Intertek
but the Halal certification body, said Saigal.

Market : India has more than 175 million Muslim people


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WEBSITE : http://www.intertek.in/

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