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lundi 4 juillet 2011

- MUSLIMS : Islamic teachings for a living a Green Deen - Ramadan 2011

USA : initiative -book ....
“Green Deen” Ibrahim Abdul-Matin

Green Muslimeen
Asalaamu'Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

The concept of going green has been popular since the 60's but Muslims
have been green for over 1400 years. Going green is not a fad in Islam
but its part of our Amaanah (responsibility).

It is reported that the Prophet (saw) once saw Sa'd performing wudu and
he (saw) said to him: "Why are you wasting all this water?" Sa'd said
"Is there wastefulness even in perorming ablution?" The Prophet (saw)
said "Yes, even if you were performing it from a river of running water".
[Ahmed (7025) [2/291] and Ibn Majah (425)

The Prophet (saw) said: If a Muslim plants a tree, anything eaten from
it will be for him a charity, any thing stolen from it will be a charity,
any bird that eats from it will be a charity, any animal that eats from
it will be a charity and anything that is taken from it will be a charity [Muslim]

Being green doesn't necessarily require one to spend a great deal of time,
energy or even money, It's a mindset that you need to develop.
By making small changes in your lifestyle you can truly make
a lasting difference and put money BACK in your wallet.

•Switch to cold water when washing and save 80% on energy
•Reduce lighting energy use by 45% by turning off your lights when not in use
•Switch to compact fluorescents which use 60% less energy per bulb and save
300 pounds of C02 a year.

These are just a few of the small changes that you can make to help the
only home we have.....Earth

Qabeelat Haqq

"Green Deen" is organized into 4 parts: Waste, Watts, Water, and Food.
Civilizations have been defined by how they manage these 4 things.
Waste management and energy delivery is essential to the every day
functioning of a city or society.
Water and food is vital to the survival of humanity.

Read more GreenDeenBook.com

BLOG : http://greendeen.wordpress.com/


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