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mercredi 18 avril 2012

- HALAL CERTIFICATION : worlwide HALAL certification scheme from Cert ID Europe and Hijaz Group

United Kingdom :  Halal Authority Board Press Release
Worlwide benchmark for Halal certification
for the food industry.
 Cert ID Europe, the leading certification business has joined forces with the Hijaz Group to form the Halal Authority Board (HAB) http://www.haboard.com/ , which will offer a new worldwide benchmark for Halal certification for the food industry.

The new HAB certification scheme is a realistic and practical programme designed to combine the requirements of the 1500 year old Halal belief with modern food processing requirements. To date there have been a number of different standards available causing confusion among Muslim consumers about the food they purchase. It is hoped that a worldwide uniform standard will make the process more streamlined for food businesses and clearer for consumers.....
 Jerry Houseago, Business Development Director at Cert ID Europe, which has many years’ experience of auditing to Halal Standards said:

“Finding a Halal certification scheme that is a realistic and practical benchmark has proved challenging to auditors, standard owners and food manufacturers alike. We believe that the new HAB Worldwide Halal Standard is a workable Shariah compliant standard which will make it significantly easier for the global food industry to reach Halal certification. Halal Authority Board’s connection with Muslim consumers adds value to the certification scheme too and provides the element that has been missing from other certification programmes”.

Shaykh Siddiqi, Founder of the Hijaz Group said: “It was essential to create a worldwide Halal standard to gain the confidence of the Muslim communities both in the UK and worldwide.

“This new proposition offers businesses the opportunity to capitalise on the Halal market via a consistent quality standard which will allow the highest quality Halal products, which are also competitively priced, to Muslim consumers.”

For more information Contact on HAB http://www.haboard.com/

Source   UK - Halal Authority Board Press Release

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