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mercredi 10 juin 2009

Halal Poultry : innovative the processor to offer true Halal products while retaining profit margins -TENDANCES HALAL

UK: source www.worldpoultry.net/

Processing for Halal poultry products
Saracen UK Ltd believes that its new poultry processing machine offers answers to both the concerns of the Muslim community regarding true Halal products, as well as the commercial concerns of the processor.
This machine can be situated under any existing line with minor line modifications.
It allows the processor to offer true Halal products while retaining profit margins due to the minimal wing damage or downgrades. From an animal welfare perspective there are some major benefitsWorld Poultry - News: Processing for Halal poultry products

The definition of true Halal is that the bird is alive at time of slaughter; this means that a harsh electrical stun or a gas stun is not acceptable. The bird should also be killed by hand by a trained slaughter man and not cut mechanically. The vast majority of labeled Halal product in the shops and restaurants does not comply with either of these criteria and hence is Haram, not Halal.
WEBSITE : http://www.saracenukltd.com/

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