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samedi 26 septembre 2009

CERTIFICATION HALAL :Indonesian Government approve new procedure Halal certification Guidelines

Indonésie : source www.tempointeractive.com/ by RIEKA RAHADIANA

Government Approve Halal Guidelines Distribution

The Indonesian Council of Clerics have been given
the green light to distribute halal certification guidelines
for importer located outside Indonesia,...
that detailed explanations on the new
precedure will be issued early next week.

Deputy for Industry and Trade of the Ministry
Edy Putra Irawady said the distribution of guidelines
by the clerics' council were approved during the coordination
meeting with the Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics Evaluation
Body at the clerics' council, to address the removal
of overseas offices of halal certification body.

He said the absence of certification body has made
it difficult for importers from abroad to get
recommendations, however sending halal
products experts abroad to inspect import
goods will involve a considerable amount of budget.

...for importers from existing trading partner countries,
the authority will still require certification issued by third
party for goods coming from non partner countries,
or will send halal products expert to non trading
partner countries to inspect import goods.
Read + Tempointeraktif.com - Government Approve Halal Guidelines Distribution By Council of Clerics

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