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jeudi 30 septembre 2010

- HALAL SLAUGHTERING : in the UK most animals are pre-stunned before the animal's throat is cut.

United Kingdom :
Meat industry : animals are stunned before being killed to be certified as halal

...Industry estimates suggest strong Muslim demand for chicken and lamb has resulted in about 40% of poultry and 25-30% of lamb consumed in the UK meeting halal specification (?)
But representatives of the meat industry have pointed out that in the UK most animals are pre-stunned before the animal's throat is cut.

Historic data published by the Meat Hygiene Service suggests that around 90% of UK halal slaughter involves pre-stunning.

Beef and Lamb New Zealand confirmed that while the majority of the beef and lamb imported to the UK is slaughtered using halal methods, it is all pre-stunned.

Dave Harrison, regional manager for Europe for Beef and Lamb New Zealand, said all animals were pre-stunned before slaughter, although the stunning process was reversible in order to comply with religious custom. (?) ...
Read + Meat industry defends halal slaughter policy - 9/23/2010 - Farmers Weekly

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