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lundi 13 février 2012

- HALAL POULTRY : per capita poultry consumption rose in five Arab countries in the region in 2011Middle East consumes more chicken

Brésil :
More Brazilian chicken for Middle East

The Middle East is consuming more chicken. This is what figures
by the Brazilian Poultry Union (Ubabef), disclosed on Tuesday (9),
in São Paulo, show.
Five Arab countries are among the world’s main consumers of chicken.
The United Arab Emirates topped the list, with the highest per capita
consumption in the world in 2011, at 67.2 kilograms per inhabitant,
14.09% more than in 2010.

The second largest is Kuwait, with 64.1 kilograms/year per inhabitant,
growth of 6.48% over 2010. Bahrain consumed 61.6 kilograms per person,
growth of 10.79%.

In Saudi Arabia, consumption was 54 kilograms per person, 11.57%
greater than in the previous year.

In sixth place... is Qatar, with 48.7 kilograms per inhabitant
(growth of 14.59%).

Brazil is in seventh in the list, with 47.4 kilograms per capita and
growth of 7.48% over 2010.In absolute terms, countries like Saudi
Arabia and the Emirates have remained prominent in imports
in the Brazilian poultry sector.

Saudi Arabia was the main destination for Brazilian chicken, with 16%
of imports (622,600 tonnes), of a total of 4.118 million tonnes, while
the Emirates are among the main importers of eggs (3,000 tonnes)
and duck, goose and other poultry (111.5 tonnes).....
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