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mercredi 5 septembre 2012

- MARKETING : Google, ethnic name , racial profiling via Gmail ?

Internet :
Google ,the machine intelligence ramadan ,eid and ethnic name
... Google's email service would give radically different advertising to different people, based
on  them having an ethnic name.
... people who are regularly emailing friends using Italian words will be more likely to be offered
 flights to say, Rome. Anecdotally, people who include terms like "Ramadan" or “Eid”
are more likely to get trips to Mecca advertised to them; and those who add “Al-Haj” to their
names see those ads disappear. It's a very fine line from that sort of targeting by nationality,
religion or interests to creating a service that effectively segregates the internet by ethnicity....

Update: A spokesman for Google said today: "We do not use names to serve ads.
 We do not use racial, ethnic, or sexual orientation to serve ads. Our system uses terms
in the content of an email on the assumption that the user may be interested in ads on the
same subject. For example, if someone mentions ‘Eid’ in an email, our computer algorithms
would assume the person could be interested in Eid-related ads."

Read + Google denies racial profiling via Gmail. Here are some disturbing questions it still needs to answer – Telegraph Blogs

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