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samedi 15 mai 2010

- ISLAM STUDIES COURSES : Markets and shops in the Arab and Islamic world. Historical and economic analysis

Spain /Espagne :
Markets and shops in the Arab and Islamic world. Historical and economic analysis            
12 to July 16, 2010

Venue: University Venue in La Nucia. Antiguo Colegio Sant Rafel, Avda Porvilla, 8. La Nucia (Alicante)
Language vehicle: Castilian

Monday, 12 July
The principles of Islamic economics from its origins to the creation of an economic theory of state Francisco Franco.
17.00-18.30 The economy in Al-Andalus: different theoretical interpretations Manuel Moreno Espinar
18:30-19:30 The Andalusian economy: current balance our knowledge. Moderator: Francisco Franco
Speakers: Alberto Canto Manuel Espinar

Tuesday, 13 July
Making 9.00-10:30 speak the coins Numismatics as a source for understanding economic fluctuations in Al-Andalus lberto Canto
10.30-12.00 The economy of mainland medieval Christian states and the economy of the Mudejar. Independent and complementary economies J. Leonardo Soler
12.30-14.00 peninsular Mediterranean ports in the Middle Ages. Trade, transport and door-neighbor outside world Joseph V. Cabezuelo
17.00-18.30 The North-South economic relations in the Mediterranean Joseph M. Jordan Galduf

Wednesday, 14 July
9.00-10:30 Arab Migration in Spain their consumption patterns Pedreño Andrés Cánovas
1100-1400 The Institute of Halal "and influence in the Muslim collective consumption in Spain
Isabel Romero
17.00-18.30 The Spanish business presence in Arab countries Luis Ferrero

Thursday, 15 July
Basic features 9.00-10:30 differentials in the economic institutions of the Islamic world and the West Josep A. Ybarra
11:00-14:00 economic relations with the Arab and Islamic world today. Chair: Roque Moreno

Friday, 16 July
9.00-10:30 Export-import from Spain to countries Gulf: Past, Present and Future Prospects
Said Sabouba
10:30-11:00 Documentary about fashion in the Arab world
11.00-14.00 Fashion in the Arab world. Presentations shared. Moderator: Khaled Omran

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